Types and Applicable Places of Road Blockers

Road blocker is a kind of traffic safety equipment with the characteristics of anti-collision, anti-terror, anti-rust, corrosion resistance, long service life, etc. It is used to prevent illegal vehicles from forcing their way in and has high practicality, reliability and safety. It mainly consists of high strength barrier segment and auxiliary hard spikes. When the tire presses on the stainless steel spike on the road blocker, the gas inside the tire will leak out from the inner hole of the pin, effectively stopping the vehicle. The road blocker adopts hydraulic drive technology for forced interception, with strong load-bearing capacity and collision resistance, and simple and flexible operation.



Types of Road blocker

According to the protection performance, road blocker can be divided into double-sided anti-collision road blocker and single-sided anti-collision road blocker. Hydraulic power is used to realize the lifting and lowering function of the flipping body.

Flip type single-sided anti-collision road blocker is divided into two types with steel tip and non-steel tip. It is specially designed and developed to prevent unauthorized vehicles from intruding into sensitive areas. It has high practicality, reliability and safety. Hydraulic flipping road blocker is composed of base, flipping body, hydraulic power system and electrical control system.


Road blocker applicable places

Road blocker is mainly used in customs, border inspection, logistics, port terminals, prisons, vaults, nuclear power plants, military bases, government departments, airports and other special places of vehicle access control, to provide security for these places. Key defense and control departments, effectively prevent vehicles from forcibly reloading the chokepoint, and effectively protect the traffic order and the security of the main facilities and places.



Road blocker features

1, Prohibit walking: anti-terrorism road blocker can be controlled according to customer demand road blocker rise and close the lane.

2, Release: anti-terrorism road blocker can be lowered according to customer needs road blocker release vehicles.

3, Continuous release: In automatic control mode, anti-terrorist road blocker can use the “continuous release” function to set the number of vehicles when the convoy passes.

4, Manual clearance: in the case of power failure or system failure, anti-terrorist road blocker can be manually cleared.

5, Raising speed adjustment: the road blocker lifting speed can be adjusted through the speed control valve, but also through the regulator and the main control board adjustment.

6, Remote control device: can be controlled around the control room through wireless remote control of road blocker lifting (according to the site radio communication environment, remote control distance greater than 30m).

7, Oil pressure monitoring: the oil pressure gauge can monitor whether the oil pressure meets the working requirements and adjust in time.

8, Automatic control: add vehicle detection system (ground sensor), can realize automatic control of road blocker system.

9, Parking gateway linkage: parking gateway can be added according to customer needs, and the connection socket with computer management system is reserved.

10, Traffic signal: when the vehicle passes, display the traffic condition of the lane; forbid the traffic when the red light is on, and release the traffic when the green light is on.



Road blocker maintenance

In the process of maintaining the hydraulic road blocker, you need to know some details.

1、In the process of electrical maintenance, the relevant power should be cut off in a timely manner, and hang maintenance, overhaul and other signs in obvious locations.
2、Once a month to check the work of switches, buttons, indicators, buzzers.
3、When there are vehicles or pedestrians above the turnaround barrier, please lift it strictly to avoid causing injury.
4、Keep the bottom of the body of the turnaround barrier well drained and the surrounding clean to ensure the service life, performance and waterproof sealing of the parts of the lifting barrier machine.
5、Prevent continuous rising and falling during anti-terrorism roadblock operation. Rising and falling are not suitable for continuous fast switching, which will easily shorten the service life of motor and hydraulic pump.
6、Big ice and snow days, if the road blocker pile body icing serious, should stop lifting, by heating and other methods of icing after use.
7、Check the oil level of the anti-collision road blocker tank regularly. If the oil level is lower than the bottom line, add oil; if the oil becomes black and cloudy, it is necessary to consider changing the oil.

Where can I buy the road blocker?

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